• Security Operations

    Detect, analyze, and respond to threats per well-defined risk management policy

    Security Assessment

    Uncover vulnerabilities and evaluate risks in for timely mitigation

    Security Engineering

    Implement security measures, enhance protection & detection capabilities

    Information Assurance

    Assess risk, implement best practice, enhance security program, and achieve compliance

  • Security Operations

    Detect & respond to threats per organizational risk management policy

    Security Monitoring

    Analyze traffic, threats and anomalies to detect cyber attacks and incidents for appropriate response

    Incident Management

    Detect, respond and resolve security incidents per sound and comprehensive cyber security incident response plan

    Threat Intelligence

    An actionable cyber threat information to recognize and proactively respond to advance threats

  • Security Assessment

    Uncover vulnerabilities and exposures in your assets for timely mitigation

    Vulnerability Assessment

    Identify and prioritize security vulnerabilities in the environment to evaluate information security posture and remediate



    Simulate a controlled cyber attack to evaluate the risk and adverse impact of malicious actors targeting the organization



    Conduct active, continuous and semi-automated scanning to track vulnerabilities in the environment

  • Security Engineering

    Implement security measures & detection capabilities for your assets



    Firewall, IDS/IPS & SIEM implementation to deter attacks, identify breaches, isolate incidents and minimize impacts

    Host and Endpoint Security

    Servers/services/applications hardening, anti-virus and advanced threat protection solutions to strengthen defense

    Vulnerability Management

    Tools and processes implementation to actively identify, classify, track and remediate vulnerabilities in the environment timely

  • Information Assurance

    Implement security measures & detection capabilities for your assets

    Info Sec Program Strategy

    A tailored road map and implementation plan to align with industry standards and organizations’ business objectives

    Risk Assessment

    Identification and analysis of assets, threats, vulnerabilities, controls and impacts to evaluate the risk posture

    Info Sec Awareness and Training

    A customized program to establish and maintain information security awareness and skill through out the organization